The kind of blog I’d like to write.

I am tired of the lack of “civil” discourse in the country. I dislike how people can hide behind screen names and lob hate and disdain at others. I am dismayed, distressed, and tired of the behavior/notion that if someone does not agree with you they must be unpatriotic, an idiot, subhuman, lesser than thee.

There is a difference between civility and political correctness and sometimes it seems, often, people think that being civil is the same as being politically correct and therefore decide to not be civil.  Civil does not mean you agree with or condone, civil simply means you allow a person to speak their mind, to have the time and space, the opportunity, to speak their mind, the same opportunity you want. That is all. You don’t have to like, agree with, or condone what the person says, you simply have to afford them the opportunity to say it.

To me, being civil does not mean simply being nice for the sake of being nice. To me, civil is about not being overly emotional or subjective for the sake of productivity. Being civil is about treating someone the way you want to be treated. Being civil is about holding back a gut response so you can fully hear what a person is saying and, from a nuts-and-bolts perspective, ask the person the how, what, where, and when rather than the why. Civil is not about scoring points or winning the debate, civil is about having a conversation and planting seeds.

I could go on, and I probably will revisit this again, but I think you get the point.

I do not want a blog that is a “safe place” – whatever that means. I want a blog that is a thoughtful and productive place. If people are offended, they are offended. I won’t go out of my way to offend and the facts may do that because on some subjects people do not want to accept the facts, the facts, from their complete and original source (in as much as possible).

I am a hopeful-nonbelieving-dreamer-introvert. I have observed that I am atypical – a fact I do not brag about or shy away from, I simply state it.

There are many things I simply do not care about and will not be writing about. I am not into trends or pop culture all that much. I do not care about celebrities or sports.

I am intellectually curious and what the facts, from their complete and original source, not feelings, not beliefs and ideology, not raw opinion – facts, facts, facts. If you cannot do that, go elsewhere. If you do not like that, go elsewhere.

Above all else what I want is productivity, civility, and true intellectual engagement that seems to be lacking in our media at large.

My next post will be about a proposed pyschobiological study I had wanted to do while working on my Bachelor’s degree and an outline of a study that I wanted to do had I gone to Grad school. After that, I will submit the work I had done in regards to a book I had though about writing covering various philosophical questions answered from a nuts-and-bolts/scientific method point of view. I plan on also having a vlog of sorts on YouTube and will be commenting on various public policy issues and will have a series of posts about “What I would do if I was president” to try to understand and dig into things.

Mostly, I’m doing all this because I hear very little that speaks to me. Most of what I hear seems to come from a certain ideological framework and I hate ideology, I want facts. Also, when I was a bit younger I loved argumentation, debate. I loved the rhetorical back and forth, and of course I loved to win. However, as I got a bit older I saw that you can win a debate and lose people, or you can have a conversation and perhaps getting something productive done. So, I’m deciding to have a conversation.

Thanks for stoppin’ by.




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