Healthcare is a Necessity, not a Right, not a Privilege.

It seems to me the debate about healthcare in the U.S. is another example of ideology ruling the day rather than facts.  I do not think that healthcare is a right or a privilege – healthcare is a necessity.  If you fall down the stairs, break one of your legs, and the bone is sticking out, the last thing on your mind is going to be, “Oh, I wonder if I have a right or a privilege to go to the ER and get my leg fixed,” you need to go to the ER and get your leg fixed.  Until we talk about healthcare as a necessity, and what is the most efficient, cost effective way to make sure the most number of people get this necessity, we will not solve this problem.


Definition of Treason

If the following is not treason than what is it:

A citizen of the home country who meets with/works with agents of a foreign power (hostile to the home country or not) for the express purpose of undermining the overall stability of the home country or some specific process of the home country.